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Folder Lock

Folder Lock

Data encryption and password protection for Windows users.
Retail Price: $ 39.95
Now $ 21.97

Security Software Arranged by Popularity

Reg. Price $15.00
It's a password and sensitive data manager.
Reg. Price $69.99
Copy Protect
Protect files of any type from unauthorized distribution.
Reg. Price $59.95
Password Unlocker Bundle Professional
Recover passwords from Windows, Word, Excel, PPT, PDF and Outlook Email.
Reg. Price $49.95
USB Block
Block unauthorized devices, such as USB, CD/DVD, and network drives.
Reg. Price $39.95
Folder Protect
Protect files and folders by encrypting them.
Reg. Price $36.00
Ad-Aware Pro Security
Include anti-spyware, anti-virus, firewall and email protection.
Reg. Price $29.95
USB Secure
It's a security software for USB drives that adds access password protection ...
Reg. Price $24.00
Ad-Aware Personal Security
It's a computer protection, including antivirus and web-filtering.
Reg. Price $19.95
Outlook Password Unlocker
Recover lost or forgotten email account passwords from Microsoft Outlook.
AVG AntiVirus
It's a free-cost Anti-virus package for personal use.


It is a security software to store password and sensitive data.


NewSID allows to modify the SID on Windows Systems.

Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect
Free edition of disk imaging backup solution for non-commercial use.
Exterminate It
Exterminate It
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