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This page lists common questions and answers about SharewarePROS site.

Table of ContentsIntroduction:
SharewarePROS is a huge Software Directory of free-to-try software programs for diverse platforms. We review and categorize these products, to allow find the exact product that you're looking for. We offer quality software at low prices with discount Coupon Codes. We add and update more than 300 items on our site every day.

Menu and Search:
The Menu is located on the top of each page, including Home, Latest Discounts, Top Downloads, Editor Picks and Promo Codes.

The SharewarePROS's Search Engine performs a search using a term provided by the user and returns the best matching results, sorted by relevance.

Category Structure: The categories are arranged on a one-leveled tree-like structure. The Home is the top level, and the categories are the second level, for example, Home > System Utilities, will show programs categorized as System Utilities, arranged by popularity.

Sometimes the number of programs in a given category is too large, so they are listed on multiple pages.

Issues Reporting:
We strongly encourage our visitors to use the Customer Support form for any problem regarding our website.

Troubleshooting Download Problems:
We are listing all the possible solutions related to download issues.

  1. I clicked on download but nothing happens: The download WILL NOT start automatically, and you MUST click on one of the mirrors, and choose "Save" when prompted. After that the browser should prompt you to open or save the file.
  2. I'm being asked for a password while downloading files, regardless if I'm using download managers or not: Some firewall programs block the information that downloads managers send, in order to make the download possible (this information is called "referrer" and is basically the URL of the page from where you are starting the download). Zone Alarm firewall is known to block the referrer but other similar products may behave in the same way. The solution is to change, if possible, the settings of the firewall program in order to allow the passing of the referrer to the download server. It that is impossible, temporarily disabling the firewall will do the job.
  3. While trying to download I get a page that says something about "Offsite linking". I'm not using a download manager: You are either using a firewall program that blocks the referrer, or you are downloading by Right Click + Save As... Simply left to click on the link, and close firewalls that block the referrer (or change settings).
  4. The download stops before it is complete, why? Usually this is because the connection between the server, and your computer has been lost. This is caused by network congestion. You should try again at non-peak hours, or use a download manager to avoid re-downloading the whole file.
  5. I downloaded the file. What should I do with it? If the file you just transferred has an .exe extension (the last three letters of the filename), then just double-click it to launch the installation process (follow the on-screen instructions). Otherwise, in most of the cases, it is a .zip file (a compressed file which contains one or more files). You have to un-compress the archive to access the installation program. To do so, you need to have installed an archiver (program that handles compressed files) unless you are using Windows2000, WindowsXP or Windows Vista, Windows7 or newest release, which has built-in .zip support..
  6. I receive errors saying that the zip file is corrupted. What should I do? Most likely, in the download process, an error has occurred, and that lead to the corruption of the file. The solution is to re-download the file, and if you are not yet using a download manager, it is high time to do so.

Secure Purchase Process:
Your payments will process through MyCommerce™, a company with a proven track records of safe and secure e-commerce transactions. For further information about order processing, you can go to here.

Software Submission:
Software Authors can submit their products directly to the site, by filling the form available on the Submit page. We accept submissions only using the PAD format designed by the Association of Shareware Professionals. To learn about the PAD standards go to here.

MyCommerce Download Mirror:
The mirror provided by MyCommerce includes a small download manager to help users to download the program.

Once you save it on the local hard-disk, you must double click on it and it will start downloading your program from MyCommewrce servers. When the download is completed, a pop-up window will ask you for either install the program or save the setup for installing it at a later time.
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